Delivery to Destination

Customers can now enjoy hassle-free and secure delivery to the destination of your choice with Africa's (ATAF) Delivery to Destination service. Through this service, customers can have their purchased vehicles transported from our Durban yard to a final destination or bonded yard in their own country. Vehicles are delivered to the following destinations: As there are differing local requirements at each of the various destinations, please click on the applicable country below to learn more. There you will also find the usual delivery schedules and other relevant information.

If you do not wish to avail of this service, you will require to employ the services of a Clearing and Forwarding agent to effect the customs clearances on your behalf, and also ensure that the appointed transporter is registered with Customs and Excise and is in possession of a 'removers code'. It is important to note that for all destinations it will be required that ATAF receive a confirmation from Clearing agents at destination that the unit being transported is indeed expected in that country. Failing this truck demurrage charges will be raised by transporters, which will be for account of the customer. Whilst Africa will always strive to ensure prompt delivery, this cannot be guaranteed.

Available Makes

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