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1. About the Company

  • 1.1 What is Africa? Africa (ATAF) is the trade name of AutoTerminal Africa Pty. Ltd., a company registered under the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO) of South Africa on April 10, 2006 with Registration No. 2006/010928/07. ATAF is part of the Group – a global distributor of Japanese used cars.

  • 1.2 Is Africa related to

    No, Africa is not in any way associated, connected, related nor affiliated with or any other company that had previously operated or is presently operating in Africa whether in Durban or elsewhere in the continent using the “Autoterminal” name and engaged in the similar business of selling motor vehicles.

  • 1.3 What are the advantages of buying vehicles from ATAF and of buying direct from IBC Japan –’s supplier in Japan?

    The advantage in buying from ATAF is that it can mean faster delivery and lesser transportation costs because ATAF stocks are already in the Durban yard; so there is no need for shipping from Japan, unlike for IBC Japan stocks. The advantage of buying direct from IBC Japan is that they have a more extensive inventory. This is especially important if you are also looking for some left hand drive vehicles.

  • 1.4 What countries in Africa are you serving?

    We serve almost all countries in the African continent but we may not offer delivery services to all cities. For cities not covered by our Delivery to Destination service, customers may still buy from us and pick up the vehicles in our Durban yard; they themselves can then arrange for the delivery or transport of their newly bought vehicles. Customers are also advised to check their local importation laws as some special restrictions may apply to certain African territories.

    To protect local car dealers, the South African government prohibits us from selling any preowned vehicles in South Africa. Units may only be sold to companies or individuals who are registered or residents of countries outside the boundaries of the Republic.

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