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2. Free Membership

2.1 How do I start my transactions with Africa?

Go to and sign up for free membership. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email from us with your login details (user ID and password). Otherwise, you may also call, e-mail, chat, or Skype with our 24/7 Customer Service Center.

2.2 What are the benefits of the free membership?

Here are some of the privileges you can get as a member:

  • When searching for a vehicle in our inventory, you can use the advanced search option where you can input specific requirements such as vehicle color, transmission type, price range, etc.
  • You can even download an Excel document of our complete and updated Stock List.
  • If you still can’t find the vehicle you want, you can submit a request and we’ll inform you if we can find a vehicle that matches your preferences.
  • You may also join our online auctions and receive regular updates on our new inventories and latest promotions or specials.
  • Members also get full access to useful pages and features in our website such as My Reports where you can view your payment and shipping records and print out invoices for your purchased vehicle. You can even view the export status of your vehicle as well as your statements of account and other transaction records.

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