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6. Shipping Information

6.1 How long does shipping a vehicle from Durban usually take? Africa offers Delivery to Destination service to select countries and cities in Africa. Below is the list of destinations covered and although this information is regularly updated, duration of delivery time may change because of the timing of your payment or prevailing seasonal conditions in the area.

  • Country City Carriers per week Transit Time in days

  • Botswana Gabarone 1 3
  • DR Congo Lubumbashi 3 14
  • Lesotho MaseruOn Request 2
  • Malawi Blantyre3 7
  • Malawi Lilongwe1 8
  • Mozambique Maputo4 3
  • Mozambique BeiraOn Request 8
  • Namibia Windhoek1 5
  • Swaziland BeiraOn Request 2
  • Zambia Lusaka8 7
  • Zambia KitweOn Request 8
  • Zimbabwe Beit Bridge2 2
  • Zimbabwe Harare2 7
  • Zimbabwe BulawayoOn Request 7

Note : Car Carriers will only leave for final destination once full (viz. 8 units) if not full load, units are consolidated at Pomona. Transporters endeavor not to hold units there for more than 7 days, but this cannot be guaranteed.

6.2 Will you be able to help me with the registration of the vehicle in my country? does not offer any registration services. Vehicle registration is to be arranged by customers. You can contact your local transport agent to assist you on registration matters.

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