Frequently Asked Questions

7. Quality Control

7.1 What is the extent of your vehicle inspection?

Our vehicles are imported from IBC Japan. They perform exterior inspection to detect dents, scratches or any damage worth noting. Full time qualified mechanics are in IBC Japan's inspection facilities to do electrical and mechanical inspection when warranted. Engines and interiors are cleaned when necessary and vehicles are then rated and classified according to an established Grading System. For more information, please go to the Vehicle Inspection tab in the Quality Control page of our website.

7.2 What does your grading system mean?

We have a separate grading system for vehicle overall condition and for vehicle interior condition.

    Overall Condition Grading System:

  • 5.0 - Almost new to Brand new
  • 4.5 - Very good condition
  • 4.0 - Good condition to Above average
  • 3.5 - Average to Good condition
  • 3.0 - Below average condition
  • 2.5 - Poor condition
  • 2.0 - Very poor condition
  • 1.0 - Suspension, Engine, Transmission or Exhaust altered and modified beyond normal vehicle specifications
  • 0 - Vehicle has accident history

    Interior Grading System:

  • A - Very Good Condition
  • B - Good Condition
  • C - Average Condition
  • D - Below Average Condition

For more information, please go to the Grading tab in the Quality Control page of our website.

7.3 Can you guarantee that the mileage of your vehicles is true and not tampered?

All units purchased by ATAF undergo a mileage check by Odometer Inspection Services (OIS) in Japan. All units will be issued an OIS certificate once it has passed the mileage check. Customers will get the certificate upon completion of sale.


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